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Criminal Psychology and Behaviour



The Criminal Psychology and Behaviour program is designed to appeal to individuals who are working or volunteering in a corrections program, law enforcement, women’s shelters, youth at risk, or to those individuals who have a special interest in criminal psychology and behaviour. Explore why individuals become criminals and why they are attracted to those with deviant behaviours as well as the factors that underlie criminal behaviours.


You must successfully complete the following: 

JUST70024Criminal Psychology 1 - Psychopathic Minds
JUST70028 Criminal Psychology 2 - Criminal Minds 
SOCI70009Sexual Violence 
JUST70023 Domestic and Workplace Violence 
JUST70032Cults and Terrorism
SOCI70014Co-dependency as an Addiction

Admission Requirements

It is recommended students complete a college-level psychology course prior to beginning this program.

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